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Why Him is romantic comedy film starring James Franco, Zoey Deutch, Bryan Cranston, and Megan Mullally, as well as Keegan-Michael Key and Griffin Gluck. John Hamburg directed and co-wrote the film with Ian Helfer, as well as released by 20th Century Fox.

Ned Fleming (Cranston), along with his wife, Barb (Mullally) and teenage son, Scott (Gluck), visits his eldest daughter, Stephanie (Deutch) at Stanford University over the holidays. They are introduced to Laird Mayhew (Franco), Stephanie’s boyfriend, who happens to be a famous billionaire with a blunt, gregarious, and vulgar personality. While Barb and Gluck are slightly overwhelmed by Laird’s personality, Ned wants him to go down in flames – he just doesn’t like him for his daughter.

But Ned’s frantic efforts to keep the two apart take on more urgency when Laird reveals that he wants to propose to Stephanie in five days! What will he do then considering that he doesn’t want the brash young man as his son-in-law? Watch Ned and the rest of the gang on putlocker.com now!


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