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Renegades is the story of elite military men with a mission of their own. Directed by Steven Quale with a screenplay written by Richard Wenk and Luc Besson. The film features action-packed scenes with Sullivan Stapleton, J. K. Simmons and Charlie Bewley on board.

Navy Seals are among the most highly-trained military men in the United States, even the world. Yet even with their highly specialized knowledge and skills, a group of Navy Seals have difficulty unearthing the truth behind a long-forgotten mystery. Even as they try to solve it, they also discover a massive treasure buried in a Bosnian lake.

What will the Navy Seals do to evade their enemies? Why do they want to unlock the mystery? Find the answers in this action-packed movie on now! The renegades will give your movie-loving self a good time for more than an hour.


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