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Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life is such a relatable film for everybody who has ever been in middle school. Directed by Steve Carr, the family comedy film was based on James Patterson’s novel with the same name and co-written by Chris Bowman, Kara Holden, and Hubbel Palmer for cinema. Griffin Gluck headlines the film along with Alexa Nisenson, Jacob Hopkins, Thomas Barbusca, Rob Riggle, Lauren Graham, Efren Ramirez, Andy Daly, Isabela Moner, and Adam Pally.


Rafe Katchadorian may have a quiet personality but it hides a wildly imaginative mind struggling to free himself from the stifling rules of his middle school. In his desperation to shake things up, Rafe and his best friends including Leonardo the Silent come up with an apparently clever plan – to break every single rule in his middle school, get points for breaking them (e.g., pulling the fire alarm for 50,000 points), and let his fellow students run roughshod over the place.


But his plan backfires! Watch the movie on Putlockers now and see how Rafe gets his comeuppance.


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