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Kidnap, a thriller film directed, was directed by Luis Prieto with screenplay written by Knate Gwaltney. Halle Berry, Lew Temple, Sage Correa, and Chris McGinn play the major characters in the film.

Karla McCoy (Berry), a single mother, lives a happy life with Frankie (Correa), her young son. But their lives will take a turn for the worse when Frankie was kidnapped. When she enters a local park, she sees Frankie being abducted by a stranger. But when the law enforcement authorities seem to be dragging their feet on the case, she makes it her mission to demand people in her city to aid in rescuing her son. Such is the near-impossibility of her mission that she’s forced to adopt desperate measures since desperate times call for it.

Will she succeed? Watch Kidnap on Putlocker today and find what a mother’s fierce love for her son can do in getting him out of the clutches of evil!


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