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When you become emotionally invested in the business of strangers, you should be prepared for the consequences, whatever these may be. This is the lesson of The Girl on the Train, a film helmed by Tate Taylor and with a screenplay penned by Erin Cressida Wilson, imparts to its audience. The mystery thriller drama film stars Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Theroux, Haley Bennett, Luke Evans, and Lisa Kudrow, among others.

Rachel Watson, a recently divorced woman, relives the pain from her non-amicable separation whenever she passes by the home she once shared with her ex-husband who now lives in it with his new wife and child. So as to stop focusing on her painful thoughts, she begins to weave an idyllic life for Megan and Scott Hipwell, a couple who lives a few houses down her former home, a pastime she develops during her daily train ride. But she soon discovers that her dreams aren’t in tune with the reality.

Watch the film on Putlocker now and see how Rachel finds herself in deeper trouble than she could have imagined while daydreaming.


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