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Assassin’s Creed is an action adventure film directed by Justin Kurzel and based on a screenplay co-written by Michael Lesslie, Adam Cooper, and Bill Collage. Michael Fassbender is in the lead roles while Marion Cotillard, Brendan Gleeson, Jeremy Irons, and Michael K. Williams are in the supporting roles. The film is based on the popular videogame franchise of the same name.

Callum Lynch (Fassbender) is a career criminal set for execution. He was saved from it by Abstergo Industries, the Templar Order’s modern-day incarnation. With the use of revolutionary genetic technology, he experiences the adrenaline-filled adventures of Aguilar, his ancestor. Aguilar is a 15th-century member of Assassins, a secret society in a battle for supremacy against its age-old enemies, the Templar Order.

Will Callum revert to his ancestor’s ancient loyalty or will his loyalty lie with his modern-day saviors? Will he live up to or betray the Assassin’s Creed? Watch the movie on Putlockers to find out the answers!


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