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Growing Up Smith (2017)

 Growing Up Smith is a family comedy drama film about the coming of age of a young immigrant. Directed by Frank Lotito and written by Gregory Scott Houghton, this film features the heartfelt performances of Jason Lee, Anjul Nigam, and Brighton Sharbino.

In 1979, the American Dream was strong in an Indian family. And so they decided to immigrate to the United States where they settle in a small town. While the adults are busy building their lives in America, their 10-year old son is coming of age in his own way. He falls so hard for the girl next door but he becomes more and more alienated from his family. The reason: He wants to become a good old boy that the girl and her friends want him to be.

Watch this film about first love and growing up an immigrant in a small town in America. Log on to now!


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Bastards (2017)

Bastards is a family comedy film that shows the impact of sons being separated from their father. Directed by Lawrence Sher with a screenplay by Justin Malen, the film showcases the funny performances of Owen Wilson and Ed Helms as the bastards. Other stars are J. K. Simmons, Glenn Close, Katt Williams, Ving Rhames, and Terry Bradshaw.


Kyle (Wilson) and Peter (Helms) are brothers who believe that they are already fatherless – their eccentric mother raised them to believe so. But they were shocked to discover that, indeed, their father is alive and well although they don’t know exactly who. The reason: Even their mother didn’t know who their biological father was! And so the brothers set out on an epic quest to find out and meet their real father.


But there’s a catch: They will know far more than they ever wanted to know about their wacky mother. Watch Bastards on Putlocker now and laugh at their antics!


Watch Bastards (2017) online now
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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017)

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is an action science fiction horror film that shows Alice’s final push against The Umbrella Corporation. Written and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, the film features action-packed sequences from Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Ruby Rose, Eoin Macken, Shawn Roberts, Iain Glen, and William Levy. This is the sixth and final instalment in the videogame-inspired game of the same name, as released by Capcom.

After the events in Resident Evil: Retribution, Alice is fighting not just for her life but for the lives of her fellow survivors and, thus, of humanity. She was betrayed by Albert Wesker and, thus, became more hunted than ever. She returns to Raccoon City, the place where the apocalypse began, to strike against The Umbrella Corporation. There, she must face off with the sinister corporation’s forces to defend humanity against it, as well as from the growing hordes of the undead.

Watch the exciting conclusion to the Resident Evil franchise on the big screen! Log on to now!



Watch Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017) online now
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Renegades (2017)

Renegades is the story of elite military men with a mission of their own. Directed by Steven Quale with a screenplay written by Richard Wenk and Luc Besson. The film features action-packed scenes with Sullivan Stapleton, J. K. Simmons and Charlie Bewley on board.

Navy Seals are among the most highly-trained military men in the United States, even the world. Yet even with their highly specialized knowledge and skills, a group of Navy Seals have difficulty unearthing the truth behind a long-forgotten mystery. Even as they try to solve it, they also discover a massive treasure buried in a Bosnian lake.

What will the Navy Seals do to evade their enemies? Why do they want to unlock the mystery? Find the answers in this action-packed movie on now! The renegades will give your movie-loving self a good time for more than an hour.


Watch Renegades (2017) online now
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The Founder (2017)

The Founder is a biographical drama film about the founder of McDonald’s Corporation. Directed by John Lee Hancock with a screenplay by Robert Siegel, the film features the fine performance of Ray Kroc in the title role.

Ray Kroc (Keaton) is living a comfortable but simple life, thanks to his savings from previous jobs. His current job is as a traveling salesman specializing in milkshake makers. He’s an ambitious person who isn’t contented with his current life, especially as he sees an opportunity in the restaurant industry. He befriends the McDonalds brothers who own a small yet popular fast-food restaurant and slowly but surely goes in for the kill. He takes over the McDonalds name, starts the corporation that eventually became a household name worldwide.

Today, McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast-food restaurant industry feeding 1% of the world’s population every day. Watch its founder’s colorful story on Putlockers now!


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Split (2017)

Split is a psychological horror thriller film tackling split personality, a mental illness. Written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, the film features the compelling performances of James McAvoy in the lead role, as well as Betty Buckley, Anya Taylor-Joy, Jessica Sula, and Haley Lu Richardson. The thematic sequel to Unbreakable (2000), the film is as disturbing as it is fascinating.

Kevin (McAvoy) suffers from a split personality syndrome. So far, he has manifested 23 distinct personalities to his trusted psychiatrist, Dr Fletcher (Buckley) but he has kept a 24th personality secret. He has reason to do so as it’s the most powerful and evil of the bunch, thus, the name “The Beast”. When he abducts three teenage girls, he shows them his 23 personalities including a little boy and a worldly woman, but The Beast also emerges.

Watch as the walls between his personalities collapse and chaos ensues. Log on to now and enjoy the cast’s excellent performances.


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xXx 3: The Return of Xander Cage (2017)

xXx: Return of Xander Cage is an action film that marks the return of a beloved action character. Directed by D. J. Caruso with a screenplay by F. Scott Frazier and Chad St. John, the film stars Vin Diesel as Xander, as well as Samuel L. Jackson, Deepika Padukone, Tony Jaa, Nina Dobrev, Rory McCann, Donnie Yen, Ruby Rose, Kris Wu, and Ariadna Gutiérrez. This is the third instalment in the Triple X franchise, after xXx (2002) and xXx: State of the Union (2005).

Xander Cage (Diesel), a government operative with a taste for extreme sports, lets people belive that he’s dead. But he comes out of his self-imposed exile to beat Xiang (Yen) in recovering Pandora’s Box, a powerful weapon designed to control all military satellites. He recruits a group of thrill-seeking athletes for his group and they all find themselves in a deadly conspiracy involving world governments.

Watch Cage and his group beat the bad guys! Log on to now!


Watch xXx 3: The Return of Xander Cage (2017) online now
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Gold (2016)

Gold is a crime adventure film starring Matthew McConaughey and Édgar Ramírez in the lead roles. Timothy Simons, Bryce Dallas Howard, Michael Landes, and Joshua Harto are in the supporting roles. Stephen Gaghan directed the film based on the screenplay written by Gaghan, John Zinman, and Patrick Massett.

Gold has always been man’s Achilles heel with thousands killing and being killed, in more ways than one, for it. This is the story of an unlikely pair of men who went into a partnership in search of gold and, in the process, changed their lives. Kenny Wells (McConaughey), a prospector and businessman, is on an unlucky streak with his failed ventures. His luck changes for the better when he teams up with Michael Acosta (Ramirez), an experienced geologist, to find gold in the unexplored jungles of Borneo in Indonesia.

But their huge find attracts the attention of the local and international authorities. What will they do? Find out by watching the movie on now!


Watch Gold (2016) online now
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The Space Between Us (2016)

The Space Between Us, a romantic sci-fi drama adventure film, is based on the story by Stewart Schill, Richard B. Lewis, and Allan Loeb. Peter Chelcom directed the film while Loeb wrote its screenplay. Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson, Carla Gugino, and Gary Oldman are in the lead roles.

Gardner Elliot is the first human being born on Mars, the red planet that humans have started to colonize. His mother, an astronaut, died while giving birth to him on Mars although her pregnancy was only discovered after the space shuttle’s takeoff; she also never revealed who her son’s father was. He grew up to be an intelligent and inquisitive boy eager to learn about Earth and everything about it as well as about his family back there. When he arrives on Earth, he goes on an adventure to unravel the mysteries of his origins with his friend, Tulsa.

Will he accomplish his goal even as his Mars-acclimatized body deteriorates in Earth’s environment? Find out by watching the movie on now!


Watch The Space Between Us (2016) online now
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Kidnap (2016)

Kidnap, a thriller film directed, was directed by Luis Prieto with screenplay written by Knate Gwaltney. Halle Berry, Lew Temple, Sage Correa, and Chris McGinn play the major characters in the film.

Karla McCoy (Berry), a single mother, lives a happy life with Frankie (Correa), her young son. But their lives will take a turn for the worse when Frankie was kidnapped. When she enters a local park, she sees Frankie being abducted by a stranger. But when the law enforcement authorities seem to be dragging their feet on the case, she makes it her mission to demand people in her city to aid in rescuing her son. Such is the near-impossibility of her mission that she’s forced to adopt desperate measures since desperate times call for it.

Will she succeed? Watch Kidnap on Putlocker today and find what a mother’s fierce love for her son can do in getting him out of the clutches of evil!


Watch Kidnap (2016) online now
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Friend Request (2016)

Friend Request, a supernatural-psychological horror film, was directed by Simon Verhoeven with a screenplay co-penned by Verhoeven with Matthew Ballen and Philip Koch. Alycia Debnam-Carey, Connor Paolo, William Moseley, Brooke Markham, Brit Morgan, Liesl Ahlers, and Sean Marquette.

Laura, a popular college student, enjoys an active social life on and off Facebook. She maintains close personal relationships with her three roommates and enjoys a great romantic relationship with Tyler, her boyfriend. But her seemingly idyllic life makes a turn for the worse when she accepts a friend request from Marina, a person she barely knows. She became the target of Marina’s weird behavior when she failed to invite her Facebook friend to her birthday party – and her haunting of Marina’s vengeful spirit begins soon after.

In a world dominated by social media, be careful who you accept into your circle. This is the lesson in the film, a must-watch on


Watch Friend Request (2016) online now