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Max Steel Putlocker
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Max Steel (2015)

The buzz surrounding Max Steel, an action adventure film, makes it one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2015 especially among fans of the comic book series. Directed by Stewart Hendler and starred in by Ben Winchell, the movie adaptation is set to conquer the box office on 28 August 2015.

Max McGrath was living the life of a normal teenager when he discovers that his body has the ability to produce the universe’s most potent energy. But to contain it, he must bond with Steel, an extraterrestrial with techno-organic qualities – and thus was born Max Steel. When united, Max and Steel become a superhero united in their purpose of combating an alien threat and unlocking the secrets of their shared past.

As with most superhero movies, viewers can expect spectacular special effects that will rival any Hollywood big-budget movie. The teenaged superhero and alien being are lovable as independent individuals, too. Watch Max Steel on soon!


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American Ultra Putlocker
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American Ultra (2015)

American Ultra, a 2015 action comedy film with a romantic angle, stars the lovable tandem of Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart, with a supporting cast including John Leguizamo, Connie Briton, and Bill Pullman. Nima Nourizadeh directs the film while Max Landis lands the writing job.

Mike Howell (Einsenberg) appears to be your typical small-town stoner with a supportive girlfriend, Phoebe (Stewart). He spends most of his days getting stoned and getting into trouble with the authorities. He is his own worst enemy but because he has Phoebe, he has a heroine. His life changes when he discovers that he is a highly-trained CIA agent with lethal fighting skills. His latent skills were activated by his former handler when it was discovered that Mike will be eliminated by the CIA.

American Ultra is like a romantic comedy with a ticking bomb attached to it – violent yet funny, inventive yet formulaic, and horrific yet fascinating. The combination makes for a fun caper that must be watched in its entirety. Watch it on today!


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Hitman- Agent 47 Putlocker
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Hitman: Agent 47 (2015)

Fans of the Hitman videogames will love the second movie adaptation because it continues the thrills. Hitman: Agent 47 stars Rupert Friend and supported by notable actors like Hannah Ware, Zachary Quinto, and Ciarán Hinds. Aleksander Bach directed the film while Michael Finch and Skip Woods take the writing credits.

Agent 47, an elite assassin known only for the last two digits of the tattooed barcode on his nape, is the product of years of scientific research into genetically engineered humans with superhuman abilities. His unparalleled speed, strength and stamina coupled with his keen intelligence makes him a perfect killing machine.

His unprecedented knowledge and skills will be tested when he works toward taking down a Singapore-based terrorist group, the Syndicate International. His goal: To stop it from making more powerful clones of himself to terrorize the world. Viewers can expect fast-paced action scenes showcasing Agent 47’s awesome fighting skills – truly, a fun movie that will do justice to its equally fun videogame predecessor. Do you want to watch free movies online including Hitman: Agent 47? Log in to now!


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Return to Sender Putlocker
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Return to Sender (2015)

Rosamund Pike delivers another star turn in Return to Sender, a thriller film directed by Fouad Mikati. Nick Nolte and Shiloh Fernandez, as the father and rapist of the lead character, respectively, make up the lead stars.

Miranda (Pike) is a small-town nurse who agrees to a blind date with a man who eventually turns out to be not the person he says he is. Her perfect little world – she enjoyed a thriving career, lived in her own nice house, and basked in her dad’s support – came tumbling down after her brutal rape in her own home. But while others healed from the trauma in conventional ways, she took the road less travelled – and this is the center of the film’s premise.

Pike delivers a convincing performance of a rape victim set on healing from her physical and emotional trauma in her own way. Her cool exterior belies a fiery struggle that only she can deal with in her own way. Watch Return to Sender and see the surprising twist at Putlockers.



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The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Putlocker
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The Man from U.N.C.L.E (2015)

The Man from U.N.C.L.E., a popular 1964 MGM television series, has finally found its way to the big screen. Guy Ritchie directs Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer in the action comedy film tackling the heroics of highly-trained American and Soviet agents; Ritchie also co-writes the film with Lionel Wigram.

In the early 1960s, two highly-trained agents, Napoleon Solo of the CIA and Illya Kuryakin of the KGB are forced to work together despite their nations’ animosity. Their common goal: To uncover a mysterious criminal organization with plans of unleashing nuclear technology including nuclear weapons, thus, destabilizing global politics and encouraging war.

The unlikely partners only have a single solid lead: the daughter of a German scientist who apparently vanished. With the daughter as the key to infiltrating the organization, the duo must work against time, too. While you may not remember the television series, you will love the action scenes, snappy dialogue, and beautiful locations in the movie adaptation. Watch it on Putlocker now!


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Straight Outta Compton Putlocker
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Straight Outta Compton (2015)

The film is all about the historic hip hop group N.W.A. (Niggaz Wit Attitude) and how they came to be during the 80’s. N.W.A. is popular for big hip-hop names in the pop music industry right now, such as Ice Cube and Dr. Dre.

This gives the world a glimpse of the tough beginnings and struggles of young people in seedy, crime-infested town called Compton in California. It is here that a lot of society’s problems are quite concentrated, such as gangs, crime, drugs, prostitution, police wars and other sorts of violence take place. Their rough backgrounds inspired the characters to create songs and beats that tell their stories to the world, as they deserve to be heard. The fearless, energetic and persistent characters that make this film really stand out. This is a beautiful portrayal of hip-hop music’s roots, one that speaks volumes. For music fans, you will especially love this one. Watch it on


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Mission- Impossible - Rogue Nation Putlocker
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Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)

Tom Cruise is at it again as Ethan Hunt, the world-famous super spy extraordinaire who, in this fifth installment of this franchise that never seems to end, sets off on a mission to infiltrate an international organization called the Syndicate. And, like the previous Mission: Impossible films, this film isn’t complete without the over-the-top weapons and gadgets, impressive action scenes, and of course a beautiful muse, this time played by actress Rebecca Ferguson.

Compared to the first to Mission:Impossible films, the pacing starts to run quite dry and flat, and generally gives an impression of mediocrity compared to the plot lines of the other installments. However, this film’s saving grace might just be is snappier, more refined and well-constructed dialogue, thanks to Pacific Rim’s famed screenwriter Drew Pearce. This is definitely a film for the fans of the series, and action film buffs. You can watch this film on putlockers movies.


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underdogs Putlocker
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Underdogs (2015)

For world cup fans, young and old, here’s an animated film that’ll surely be right down your alley. Underdogs features a sweet story about Jake, a young boy and foosball player who is smitten by Laura (voiced by Ariana Grande herself!). The bulk of the story takes place when they’re all grown up and the town bully, a professional soccer player, decided to buy the whole town and destroy it so he can build his own gigantic sports stadium. Whilst wreaking havoc in the city, he also kidnaps Jake’s beloved Laura.

Utterly hopeless, Jake sheds a tear on his beloved foosball table, which magically (and unbelievably so— but this is an animated film for children) brings these tiny players to live, who accompany Jake in saving their town from the evil town bully, and get Laura back safely. Similar to 3D animated films in present day that are excellently produced, this one boasts of great 3D detailing and design. Underdogs is a fun, action packed film that you can see at putlockers movies.


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The Bronze Putlocker
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The Bronze (2015)

Melissa Rauch plays the role of a fallen Olympic Gymnast, who lives in Amherst Ohio in a slumped, burnout, bitter state. This is a comedic tale that revolves around how Hope (Rauch) is still stuck reveling in her celebrity status in Amherst as the one that brought the town some glory. Her celebrity days are short-lived when she is forced to train another gymnast girl from the town, a condition she is doing so she can inherit the huge sum of money coming from her coach who had passed away. She is filled with grudge and hate, as her status as Amhert’s well-loved neighborhood sweetheart will be taken away by the newer, better and bubblier gymnast in training. She has no choice though but to continue training the new girl since $500,000 should be really nice.

Hope’s crummy personality is what makes this film really funny and the dialogue is quite refreshing. Even though most of the film falls a bit mediocre, it’s still an entertaining, buoyant comedy. You must see it on putlocker movies.


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Irrational Man Putlocker
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Irrational Man (2015)

Joaquin Phoenix plays a mysterious, unconventional thinker who works as a professor at a Rhode Island college. Typical of Woody Allen’s best characters, he is an intellectual with a penchant for philosophy and culture. His presence in the campus is controversial, being a new face with quite a reputation that draws people into him. Emma Stone joins him on screen as she plays an engaging, poignant, and quirky student who gets involved in a friendship with Abe Lucas (Phoenix).

Like many other Woody Allen masterpieces we’ve come to know and grow fond of, we can expect, as always, a riveting, witty dialogue peppered by satire humor and a lot of cultural references. Both Phoenix and Stone perform astonishingly well in the film, with great chemistry and they are great characters to add to Woody Allen’s well-known collection. Overall this piece of work just exudes class A filmmaking. You shouldn’t miss this on


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The Stanford Prison Experiment Putlocker
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The Stanford Prison Experiment (2015)

Back in the 1970’s in history, a psychologist named Dr. Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University created a study about the behavior of prisoners, as he wanted to get to the bottom of why certain prisoners tend to become abusive and violent, even if it wasn’t in their nature.

On one summer, he gathered up some volunteer Stanford students and they recreate a prison in one of the campus’ buildings. This study was a successful one that provided valuable insight to prison culture and prisoner psychology. T

his film is a successful and thrilling portrayal of what actually happened during the experiment. What is great about the production and writing of the film is that Dr. Philip Zimbardo himself was consulted. What adds to the authenticity of the story is that the real transcripts and findings in the study have been used in the production. It’s a film that should not be missed if you’re into psychological drama thrillers, and this film will definitely leave a lasting impression. You must see this at putlocker movies.


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Masterminds Putlocker
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Masterminds (2015)

Zach Galifianakis plays a role we’ve never seen him in before, as a strange man stuck in the trappings of everyday monotony, with his mediocre job, and lackluster quality of life. His only inspiration is in the form of an office crush, played by Kristen Wiig. After ensuing more flirtation, Kristen Wiig proves that underneath her innocent, femme fatale façade lies something sinister, as she recruits David (Galifianakis) to accompany her and Owen Wilson on an epic bank heist, in which they successfully manage to rob $17 million dollars. He is living the life on the edge, but when his co-conspirators decide to ditch him so they can keep the money to themselves, trouble ensues as David is sent out on the run for his life.

The notable comedic style of director Jared Hess is evident in this film—dry, a bit of slapstick and satire, similar to his popular films Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre. Fans of his work will find this film the dose that they’ve been waiting for, so don’t miss it and watch it now on putlockers movies.


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Fantastic Four Putlocker
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Fantastic Four (2015)

You might wonder if moviemakers are running out of ideas to make films out of because there is yet again another re-telling of the Fantastic Four movie franchise, now cast with less popular actors and of course, laden with the latest special effects techniques. However, the more low-key actors might actually be what’s great about this movie. Starring Kate Mara as Susan Storm, Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch, Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic, and Jamie Bell as Thing. These fresh faces surely will leave an impression, even if the pressure is high for them to deliver something exciting and new to the realm of overdone superhero movies.

These four characters, of course, embark on a mission to save the world from grave threat and danger from a former friend who turned villain. The production and effects are great, whilst the acting is passable. You should watch this film over at


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Ricki and the Flash Putlocker
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Ricki and the Flash (2015)

This is a heartwarming, nostalgic story that revolves around an older woman called Ricki, who’s still stuck living her dream as an 80’s rock star. Played by the award-winning Meryl Streep, she plays a fearless, estranged mother to her children as she chooses to pursue her life of music than face up to the reality of her broken family back home. When an unfortunate circumstance happens to one of her children, she is forced to leave her band tour behind to help with the damage. It is a poignant story that shows her reconciling with her children and make peace with her past, as she struggles to build one again.

This films proudly shows how great of an actor Meryl Streep is. This role is unlike all her roles. Her character here is inspiring, and she gives it at all, as she actually performs rock music on stage, all decked up in rock and roll outfits, messy hair and 80’s make up. Though the plot might be a tad bit predictable, you’ll be smitten by Meryl Streep’s effervescent presence. It’s a must-see film worth watching at putlocker.


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Shaun the Sheep Movie Putlocker
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Shaun the Sheep Movie (2015)

Shaun and the mischievous flock of sheep in the farm they live in are hilarious and extremely entertaining to watch. Because of an unfortunate incident, the flock of sheep ends up in the big city where they struggle for safety. Shaun is decidedly the only one that can get them back home to their farmer, who also happens to have amnesia. They find themselves in sticky situations all over the dangerous city who’s out to lock them up in animal protection.

This critically acclaimed animated film is surely one that’s going send everyone in the room, young or old, laughing their socks off. Fans of the kiddie TV show will be pleased by this stop-motion rendition. Even without the dialogue, the jokes and gags soar high and deliver seamlessly, and the warm, charming characters are extremely adorable. The quality of the animation is ace, and I highly recommend you watch this irresistible film on putlocker movies.


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The Gift Putlocker
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The Gift (2015)

Someone haunts a married couple from the past in this psychological thriller, and explores themes of drama, vengeance, and mystery. Starring Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall as the couple, an encounter with a previous classmate of Simon (Bateman) tears their worlds apart. A strange man named Gordo keeps popping up in their lives, first as a friend who simply wants to do a bit of catching up, to more sinister motives that suggest that he is back to avenge something that have happened years ago back in high school.

The film relies on thrilling, suspenseful scenes to stay afloat, because the rest of the storyline is quite lackluster. Though you will enjoy the under-the-skin scenes and flawless cinematography, which are this film’s saving grace. It’s a good movie for lovers of suspense, available at putlocker.


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Tangerine Putlocker
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Tangerine (2015)

This unapologetic, wildly refreshing film focuses on the adventures of 2 transgendered working girls living in the dark, distressed districts of Los Angeles. Featuring Hollywood newcomer Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, this poignant comedy encapsulates the gritty lives of transgendered women who have to deal with a lot of issues such as poverty, racism, sexism, and cultural differences.

Kitana Kiki Rodriguez and her co-star, fellow working girl set out to find Kitana’s cheating boyfriend. Their dialogue is well written, and their performance is riveting and engaging—this is not a film that drags you along aimlessly. Along the way they encounter a lot of interesting characters, and stir things up, leaving a whirlwind mess behind their tracks. It’s a laugh-out-loud comedy with a touch of reality TV and drama. This is one of the films that has proven to be quite refreshing and thought-provoking, and you can view it on putlockers movies.


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