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Southpaw Putlocker
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Southpaw (2015)

This film should definitely not be missed as it presents a poignant, stellar performance of Jake Gylenhaal, who proves once again that he is as versatile as he can be. After his previous noteworthy role in Brokeback Mountain, this one is a role he definitely portrays with great dedication worthy or praise.

He plays Billy Hope, who is a renowned boxer who’s made quite the splash in his career. In a turn of unfortunate tragedies, he loses his career, his family and buries himself in a spiral of depression, anger, and substances. His triumphant rise from the ashes is a great story that may be similar to other boxing films done in the past, but Gylenhaal’s performance is the one that really makes this film soar. Rachel McAdams plays the role of Hope’s wife, and her excellent performance is one not to miss as well. This film really boasts of topnotch casting, and you must see it now on


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Vacation Putlocker
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Vacation (2015)

A common dream among American family men is the cross-country trip to a family theme park. If you’re fans of the Vacation film series with Chevy Chase, this is a great film to see as it stars Rusty Griswald, played by Ed Helms, whose dream is like his father Chevy Chase, to take his whole family on a grand vacation. For this purpose, he surprises the whole family with this ridiculous car pimped up with a lot of technology, and they set out to go to Walley World, known as a fun theme park. On their way there they experience a great deal of twists and turns that will make you laugh out loud.

Christina Applegate plays Rusty Griswald’s wife, and is a great supporting character that offers some genuine funny moments. Their two sons add much more wackiness and draw in more misfortune. This is a straightforward family comedy that’s highly enjoyable, perfect for a Saturday evening movie night, and you can catch it over at putlocker.


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The Vatican Tapes Putlocker
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The Vatican Tapes (2015)

This horror suspense drama thriller explores themes of supernatural elements, spirits, demons, and the intercession of the Vatican. It all starts with a woman named Angela Holmes (played by Olivia Taylor Dudley), who, after turning 27, will be known further in the film as some sort of the birth of the antichrist. She brings harm and serious injury to the people in her life she closely encounters. The Vatican steps in to help Angela overcome the demon within. Michael Peña plays the role of a priest, and he battles Angela’s demon through exorcism.

The plot will give you chills with its plot twists and superb cinematography and production. An interesting touch that gives this film its much needed oomph are Vatican’s collection of tapes—found footages of evil taking place all over the world, guaranteed to give you goose bumps. This is an awesome horror thriller that is a must-see at


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Pixels Putlocker
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Pixels (2015)

This film combines these 3 elements in a wild, ridiculous way: aliens, video games, and saving the world. Video game enthusiasts are in for a treat with this one, as its premise is that aliens have received video game transmissions all the way in space. The plot thickens when the aliens have misunderstood those transmissions as a threat to war, which leads them to Earth and starts attacking in retaliation, with the video game models as their basis. So imagine the likes of Pacman and Donkey Kong annihilating mankind.

Adam Sandler and his crew, who are arcade game junkies, are the superheroes of the story. And, together with the President of the United States, they set out to save the world from the evil, intergalactic forces that threaten mankind’s existence. Incredibly hilarious, and can be definitely considered as Adam Sandler’s funnier films that the audience desperately misses. It’s a wild ride that you shouldn’t miss. Watch it now on putlockers movies.


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Paper Towns Putlocker
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Paper Towns (2015)

This is a coming-of-age story about two teenage neighbors who fall in love with each other. Supermodel Cara Delevingne plays Margo, the neighbor that enchants Quentin after he takes her on a spontaneous, fun drive all over town one night. For some reason unknown to Quentin, Margo mysteriously vanishes into thin air, and she leaves clues behind for Quentin to track her down. Quentin, decidedly smitten, goes all out on a personal quest to be reunited with the mysterious girl.

For fans of John Green books and his relatively recent film debut The Fault In Our Stars, Paper Towns explores less heavy themes that is sure to be another hit with not only young adults but also people of all ages. Although Cara here plays one of cinema’s popular cinematic trope, the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”, her enigmatic presence is one to charm the audience. This is a great, poignant film that will surely make you fall in love. Watch it at


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Ant-Man Putlocker
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Ant-Man (2015)

Finally, here’s a refreshing superhero film that’s much needed in the Hollywood scene. Paul Rudd unexpectedly plays Scott Lang, also known as Ant-Man, and he truly shines in this comical role as an ex-prisoner and thief to superhero. Ant-Man’s superpower is his ability to shrink his size, thanks to the “Pym Particle”, which he stole from a laboratory of a wealthy man.

This film is actually a Marvel film, and while it might not be as marketed as big as The Avengers, it still packs in a great deal of comical punch. As a prequel to The Avengers (Ant-Man is the founding member of the famed superhero group!), the lighter, friendlier feel of the whole movie sets it apart even if the whole good vs. evil concept here still takes place, of course. This is definitely a funny superhero film, and a highly likeable one, thanks to Paul Rudd’s charming and endearing persona. See this awesome film now at


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Self_less Putlocker
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Self/Less (2015)

Starring celebrated actor Ben Kingsley who plays the role of a wealthy man stricken by a death sentence called cancer. He seeks out ways to prolong his life, from fear of death and hires a company that is known for the controversial “shedding” process, by which they extract the consciousness and memories and transfers them to, according to them, a “lab-grown body”. Kingsley’s consciousness happens to be transferred to the youthful body of Ryan Reynolds. Things get off-balanced when the new Kingsley starts to experience glimpses of what he thinks are snippets of his new body’s previous life, and runs into the characters of Ryan Reynold’s life left behind (such as Ryan Reynold’s wife and kid).

What the audience will be awestruck with is the cinematography, which is pristine and masterful. However, a possible downfall of this film lies in the illogical aspects of this film, most specifically the “shedding” process. This is a fascinating sci-fi, psychological thriller that you shouldn’t miss. See it on putlocker movies now.


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Minion Putlocker
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Minions (2015)

These adorable, yellow creatures have totally captured all our hearts. The Minions finally get the much-deserved attentio. They’re out of Despicable Me fame and now get to star in their own, feature-length film, which you can see at

They embark on a silly journey, from their creation to them finding a new, evil master. This new evil master happens to be Scarlet Overkill, voiced by Sandra Bullock, who does a terrific job. Though the story line falls a bit short and goes along the good vs. evil kind of plot, it’s a child’s film and it’s a tried-and-tested concept that easy for young kids to comprehend and appreciate. You’ll be totally engrossed by their cuteness and charm. It’s a good flick to bring the kids to, and one that will totally have them laughing for more than an hour. An unexpected bonus is its surprisingly good soundtrack that boasts classic rock!


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Terminator Genisys Putlocker
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Terminator Genisys (2015)

Fans have been waiting to watch Terminator Genisys and now it can be viewed on putlocker. The movie from Paramount Pictures is directed by Alan Taylor, with screenplay by Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier. The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger obviously, together with Jason Clarke and Emilia Clarke.

In this film which is set in 2029, John Connor sends Kyle Reese to the 1980s to save Sarah Connor (John’s mom) whom Skynet plans to kill. So he uses a time machine but when he gets there, Reese realizes that the original timeline has been changed and it’s nothing like he expected.

The highlight of Terminator Genisys is the excellent visual effects which everyone will agree is fantastic. However, the actors portray a rather “wooden” performance and it is simply not comparable to older Terminator films. You should still watch it but just don’t set your expectations too high.


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Entourage Putlocker
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Entourage (2015)

This is one of those films that are, honestly speaking, created mostly for the true TV show’s fans. Though that doesn’t mean you should completely give it a pass. If you enjoy a comedic dialogue, crass, not-so-politically-correct comedy, and charming acting, then this film over at putlocker movies can be worth a bag of popcorn and perhaps a can of beer to boot.


The gang is back, and picks off from where it left off. But you’ll notice that everyone’s lives have moved forward. Vince is working on his directorial debut and is struggling to finance his film. Jeremy Piven as Ari is the financier of the film, and Kevin Dillon as Johnny Drama is back to stir things up. Plot wise, there isn’t anything too special, but for fans of the show it can be simply comforting to be back in the company of these folks, doing what they always do. Not to spoil or anything, but keep an eye out for all the big name cameos dropping by to make this film even more worthwhile.


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Magic Mike XXL Putlocker
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Magic Mike XXL (2015)

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another film worth catching that’s overflowing with great (and not to mention sexy) dance moves and gorgeous bodies. Magic Mike back in 2012 was definitely a blockbuster hit as Channing Tatum was successful in capturing the hearts of every female audience. Surely, more Channing is more fun, so don’t miss this over at Putlocker Movies.

Mike’s life is dwindling down into a monotonous rhythm, and he decides he needs some much needed action that he can only find in stripping. So, together with some of the old crew from the first film and notable additions such as Jada Pinkett-Smith and the beautiful, seductive Amber Heard, you’re in for a comedic dance trip that may not have much of a plot, but maybe that’s just not the point. It’s a perfect movie to catch at Putlocker when you’d just want to unwind and watch something refreshing.


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Max Putlocker
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Max (2015)

Films starring dogs are always a hit, and one that easily grabs everyone’s hearts. This film stars a military dog named Max, who, after suffering from stress from dealing with the death of his handler back in Afghanistan, was supposedly destined to be put down when he was saved from euthanasia by his former handler’s family. Max begins a new life after a violent past.

What I loved about this film is how it shows how Max’s bond between Justin, the child, slowly unfolds. It is a beautiful and heartwarming depiction of dogs’ innate ability to connect with us humans in a deeper level. The first few minutes of the film can be quite dragging, but it picks up towards the middle and the end. It’s great to watch with the family at putlockers movies, though be warned that this film has a lot of violence, unfortunately.


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Trainwreck Putlocker
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Trainwreck (2015)

Amy Schumer’s stellar performance in this hilarious romantic comedy will blow you away. Paired with a great comedian Bill Hader, and directed by Judd Apatow, you’re in for a treat. If you love intelligent humor, this is a film that should not be missed at

The story revolves around Amy Schumer, who plays Amy Townsend, a quirky, happy-go-lucky, journalist who loves being unattached and uncommitted. She then meets Bill Hader who plays Dr. Aaron Conners when she gets assigned to write a piece on him. It’s a refreshing take on those films where the men are usually the ones who find themselves hard-pressed to commit to a relationship. This film shows a fresh point of view that tells us that women have these struggles, too.

This is a film that doesn’t disappoint. Judd Apatow is masterful at his craft, and there’s a certain grit and realness to his comedic films that just sets his films apart from the usual, predictable comedies with poor dialogue.


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The Gallows Putlocker
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The Gallows (2015)

A lot of horror-suspense films have been incorporating a “found-footage” aspect to the plots. The Gallows is one of those, and though it might be overused, it’s still makes for an entertaining fright night flick.

Set in a high school with a theater that’s haunted by the ghost of their previous student, this film revolves around the unfortunate circumstance experienced by four teenagers who get themselves trapped inside the school theater by the spirit that haunts the place. The spirit was angered by the school’s decision to make a re-staging of the play that caused that spirit’s death that happened 20 years ago.

The pacing is excellent, and offers enough thrills and goosebumps to keep the plot from growing stale. The cast of the film is quite unremarkable, and is mostly made up of unpopular actors who, nonetheless, play their parts decently, but no groundbreaking acting to be found here. Watch this at putlocker and you’re in for a good fright.


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Big Game Putlocker
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Big Game (2015)

Any film that has Samuel L. Jackson is always a treat, and Big Game is a film that puts him as the President of the United States (which is, let’s be honest, a role he can effortlessly play). Because of unforeseen, tragic circumstances, he somehow winds up in a crash in the forests of Finland.

Here, he meets Oskari. Oskari is a Finnish boy who isn’t just doesn’t happen to be wandering around the forest. He is actually undergoing a rite-of-passage, which is to survive being alone in the forest. He finds himself in a huge mess that includes ensuring the President is safe from his assassins set out to get him. Felicity Huffman is also part of the cast, which is quite unexpected. Dialogue-wise, it could use some work as it lacks certain engaging qualities. This film at offers enough action and holds your interest to keep you hooked.


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Love & Music Putlocker
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Love & Mercy (2015)

This is an interesting, long-awaited biopic about Beach Boys frontman Brian Wilson, the genius behind Pet Sounds. This film explores an in depth narrative of how musicians work behind the scenes, the stories behind the songwriting, and how his life’s twists and turns lead him to the recording studio—a glimpse of mad genius at work to produce among the best pop songs in the world.

The casting is superb, starring Paul Dano and John Cusack who both play Brian Wilson in two time periods depicted in the film. Although, Paul Dano is the one that really shines in this film and gives the role an electrifying quality. The gorgeous Elizabeth Banks plays the role of Brian’s second wife. Love & Mercy at putlocker movies is a joy to watch. Enjoy all the wonderful, upbeat tunes and be transported back to the musical, hippie Beach Boys era.


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Amy Putlocker
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Amy (2015)

Amy Winehouse’s passing whilst being at the top of the career stirred a lot of headlines and left the whole world with a lot of questions as to what went wrong with this beautiful, talented but tortured soul? Her celebrity status has made her spiral into substance and alcohol abuse, that we know of. But this documentary offers a deeper, more encompassing insight into what went wrong.

Truly, Amy has had a great deal of challenges and tragedies, and this film’s storytelling just flows naturally. Behind her beautiful music and her disarming presence lies someone desperately crying for some sort of release. People who knew Amy best are featured in this documentary, which all paint a picture as to what and who she really was. Amy Winehouse lives on in her music, but if you’d like to take a final, beautiful and honest glimpse of her, then this documentary should not be missed over at


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Housebound Putlocker
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Housebound (2014)

Cult horror flicks should foresee the entry of this new film to the list, as Housebound has now revived to what most of us thought was already dead: Good Horror Films. There have been a lot who have tried and failed at the ubiquitous haunted house plots, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how for a first feature film, director Gerard Johnstone has transcended an overused storyline into something fresh. Incorporating some deadpan humor, reminiscent of Simon Pegg’s Shaun of the Dead, Evil Dead, and so on, this film is just delightful.


This girl named Kylie is “banished” to live with her mother in their former home that’s teeming with supernatural elements that are playing with her imagination and her sanity. The plot offers some twists and turns enough to keep predictability at bay. Grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy the scares and shivers at


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