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My Old Lady (2014)

Drama comedy movie My Old Lady stars Maggie Smith, Kristin Scott Thomas and Kevin Kline. This film was directed and written by Israel Horovitz.

My Old Lady is about a down on his luck man living in New York named Mathias Gold. He receives news that he was to receive an apartment in Paris as an inheritance. So he goes to France with the intention to sell the property but he immediately discovers the property has a live-in tenant that doesn’t want to leave.

This movie depicts the price that children pay for their parents’ indulgences. Even though Kline’s character in the film is not exactly endearing, we the audience can commiserate with him, nevertheless. My Old Lady is an enjoyable film and the cast are commendable. If you are looking for a movie stream, then My Old Lady is available on Putlocker.


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Meet the Mormons Myputlocker
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Meet the Mormons (2014)

This movie is not a sports film although it may appear like it. It’s a documentary about 6 people leading different lives but have one thing in common: they are all mormons. You can watch Meet the Mormons for free online on Putlocker Movies to see the everyday struggles which are shown on this film.

Directed by Blair Treu, this film was shot in various locations including Nepal and Costa Rica. It stars Ken Niumatalolo, Jermaine Sullivan, Gail Jalvorsen, Bishnu Adhikari, Carolina Muñoz Marin, and Dawn Armstrong, with cinematography by R.J. Hill and Brian Sullivan.

While everyone will likely agree that the script is great, it’s as slick as a brochure, with heavily modified of realisms, that make it unbelievable. Real Mormons also have family conflicts, trials, problems and other weaknesses but these things were not shown in the film. “Meet the Mormons” showcases lives that are simply too “perfect” to be realistic.


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Addicted Myputlocker
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Addicted (2014)

Zoe Reynard had it all. A loving husband and wonderful kids, a successful career, a beautiful home and yet she allows herself to be tempted and it could be the end of her perfect life. She throws caution to the wind as she can’t help but fall for other men.

Sharon Leal stars as Zoe Reynard, along with Boris Kodjoe as Jason (her husband), William Levy as her first lover, and Tyson Beckfor as Corey, another lover. The film “Addicted,” is directed by Billy Woodruff and it is based on a bestselling erotica written by Kristina Laferne Roberts in the 1990s. This film can be watched by streaming movie online.

“Addicted” is one of those nymphomaniac stories that have been made in the past. If you’ve watched “50 Shades of Gray” and didn’t enjoy it then it is uncertain that you will like “Addicted”. After all, most women cannot relate to Zoe. Who can have sympathy for a woman who would give up everything she has just to quench her thirst for sex?


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Left Behind Myputlocker
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Left Behind (2014)

Ray Steele is a commercial airline pilot who finds himself right in the middle of a biblical event known as the Rapture. He struggles to keep his passengers calm, while he tries to deal with malfunctioning equipment and lack of fuel. His crew is freaking out and he himself is at a loss trying to understand why all these things are happening at 30,000 feet.

Vic Armstrong is the director of “Left Behind” and this film is based on the novel authored by Tim LaHay. The film stars Nicolas Cage, Cassi Thomson, Lea Thompson, and Chad Michael Murray.

Although it’s a science fiction movie, there’s something about the film that you simply can’t find in other films and you have to see it through a putlocker download to understand. Although the film is nothing like how the Bible tells the Rapture, where the faithful get to go to heaven, it’s still a very interesting movie to watch.


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The Judge Myputlocker
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The Judge (2014)

Hank Palmer is a successful lawyer who needed to return to his childhood home because his estranged father who is a judge is the only suspect for a murder. Putting aside his bitterness for the man whose love and approval he always wanted for but never got, Palmer learns more information about his father he never knew before and also knows that he is innocent.

If you enjoy movie streams make sure to watch The Judge so you can see Robert Downey, Jr. without his superhero suit as he stars alongside other big name stars like Robert Duvall, Vincent D’Onofrio, Vera Farmiga and Billy Bob Thornton who also stars as a powerhouse prosecutor named Dwight Dickham. This film is directed by David Dobkin.

If you’ve never seen Downey in the big screen lately other than in his Ironman roles then The Judge is the film to watch. While the plot of “The Judge” is not original, the actors make this movie a memorable one. It will tug at your heart and make you cry.


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Dracula Untold Myputlocker
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Dracula Untold (2014)

Prince Vlad Tepes of the Romanian province of Wallachia was a highly respectable man who only wanted to help his people and prevent the Ottoman Empire Turks from ruling over their land. But in his strong desire to protect others, Vlad had to make a painful decision that could very well be the end of anyone who stands in his way.

“Dracula Untold” is written by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama. It stars Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper, Art Parkinson, and Charles Dance as the master vampire. This film is directed by Gary Shore with cinematography by John Schwarztman (Armaggedon).

You can watch “Dracula Untold” through a putlocker download and see yet another story of how Dracula became a vampire. What makes “Dracula Untold” different from all the other vampire films we’ve seen is the story line as well as the brilliant cinematography. This film definitely tells you why Dracula became who he was.


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Anabelle Myputlocker
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Annabelle (2014)

Mia and John Gordon begin to experience supernatural events in their home shortly after John brings home a doll named Annabelle as a gift for Mia. You can stream Annabelle free online and see for yourself the horrifying events that happened with turntables playing on their own, the smell of burning popcorn, and gas stoves being lit without anyone around. But these are just some of the disturbing things that happened in their home.

“Annabelle” is written by Gary Dauberman and directed by John R. Leonetti. It is actually a spin-off to “The Conjuring” which became a hit. Annabelle stars Ward Horton, Tony Amendola and Annabelle Wallis. It’s a horror film and the closing credits tell us that the doll is now in the hands of spiritualists Lorraine and Ed Warren.

While Annabelle was meant to appear completely disturbing, she isn’t as evil-looking as we had hoped. The film is not as scary as Conjuring but it’s still going to give you some goosebumps.


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Gone Girl Myputlocker
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Gone Girl (2014)

Nick Dunne is an annoying man who lies and cheats on his wife. He shows strange behavior so much so that when his wife Amy goes missing everyone suspects he killed her. He is now being pressured by the media and police, and they all want to prove that he is a murderer.

Based on a book authored by Gillian Flynn, “Gone Girl” is directed by David Fincher and stars Rosamund Pike, Ben Affleck, Carrie Coon, Tyler Perry and Kim Dickens.

Although Affleck’s performance in Gone Girl does not impress, Pike who plays the role of the wife of the politician makes watching this film truly worthwhile. She lends credibility to the movie, portraying the role of a sweet and innocent woman, who turns out to be evil and malicious. Watch Gone Girl free online because it is one hell of a funny film that will also creep you out.


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